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Why BrainWiz

Learn . Evolve . Succeed

Multifold Benefits

  • Enhanced Learning Capabilities
  • Improved Memory & Attention
  • Widened Knowledge Base
  • Expanded Vocabulary & Comprehension Skills
  • Sharpened Numeracy & Language Skills
  • Ensure Multi Lingual Development

What Skills they learn?

  • Brain Skills - Observation & Sequential Memory, Numeracy, Visualisation, Logic & Problem Solving
  • Science Skills - Animals, Universe, Elements, Food & Nutrition, About the Body, Matter, Water Cycle
  • Knowledge Skills - Wonders, Landforms, Country Flags, Gemstones, Flowers & Sports
  • International Languages Skills - Vocabulary in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese & German
  • Maths Skills - Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Time, Fractions, Money
  • Reading Skills - Read Words, Phrases, Sentences, Paragraphs, Short Stories & Chapters


Begin the Journey of Infinite Learning & Growth

More Benefits

More in store for the Child

Gamified Learning

Making it Fun

Customized Progression

Excel & Earn Badges

Making Screen Time Count

Daily Workout of 20 Mins

Strengthened Imagination

Leading to Out of the Box Problem Solving

Better Analytical Skills

Helping in informed Decision Making

Higher Intellectual Quotient

Supported by stronger Emotional Intelligence


What Parents Feel about our Program


This Program is one of its kind. My Child has tremendously benfitted from it. She has improoved on her Observation Capabilities. Even her teacher realised this transition in her.


My boy has become so imaginative. He makes his own stories. Everyone around recognises that he has great vocabulary for a 5 year old.

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